Thursday, November 13, 2008


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Friday, May 9, 2008


I thought I would have lots to say after not blogging for so long, but now I feel like I don't. Let me think...

So I went away for my long weekend, and had a good time. Went to several yarn shops-which was awesome. If I got lonely, I just logged on to my computer and connected with people. Gotta love technology. And it was a nice weekend away. Uneventful. I don't know what else to say. I shopped, and I knitted and I relaxed. It was nice.

Then, last weekend I went to MDSW. Had a great time with great friends, and shopped like they were going to stop selling yarn. Spent loads of money. But I got what I wanted, and didn't come come regretful of anything I hadn't bought. To me-that's a good trip. You don't want to be thinking of that yarn you should have bought but talked youself out of at the time. We took a class-which was just awesome. My first knitting class! And it rocked! I'm glad I had a good experience because it makes me excited to take another class down the road.

I've been just knitting away....I knitted a pair of Hemp socks-and if you are considering it-well, first of all, you clearly do not know me personally. Nor do you know what I went through knitting them. Just do yourself a favor a back away from that ledge. Ok? Ok.

And I finished a purse sock-which is a plain vanilla sock that I carry in my purse for time emergancies. Crap-you have to wait for that perscription you thought would be ready-Ah hah! You are prepared with the purse sock! Yay! You see? Purse sock. Well, I finished the pair, actually. And I cast on another-again, purse socks. Can't go wrong.

And I've got the Universal Tunic on the needles, and the Readers Wrap. And that stupid scarf that's bugging me for some reason. I hate that I have something on the needles that I never work on. I don't even want to work on it-which is the worst part. So frustrating because the yarn is sooo yummy and I want to use it, dang it! But I can't think of another project for it.

So that's what's on the needles. Oh! I also finished the blue sweater-which has it's problems, and the Marinas sweater from Webs, which I have to say, is my first turned-out-great-I-actually-wear-it sweater. So that's awesome. And just in time for the humid Lancaster County summer! But, really, I love it and I can't wait to wear it again. You never know-we get some cool nights here even in the summer.

And I think that's it. For now. Gosh-I have got to blog more. This whole Ravelry thing just sucks up my time-and I love it. Addiction at it's greatest. :)

Happy Knitting!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Life can just pass you by........

I like to think I'm one of those people that takes an opportunity when it presents itself. In reality-I just do what I want. I have made plans to go away for a long weekend by myself. I've done this before-for a longer time, and further away. It doesn't scare me. I don't fear being lonely. The best way I can sum it up is this: It is what it is. I have time off of work. My friends and family cannot go with me. That leaves me with two choices-I could sit at home, or I can go away by myself. Some people would love this. Alone for a whole weekend! But the reason I'm going is not to be by myself-but to go away. Why should I let the fact that I'm single (and everyone I know-isn't) keep me from doing what I want to do?

I do not need to justify my vacation-and trust me, no one in my life thinks I'm crazy. But I think some people wouldn't understand, or would say "Oh, I could never do that". You'd be suprised how independent you become when forced to do so. I've been single for a long time(we won't go into the whole "why's" thing) and you just adapt. It sounds so stupid to say it-but that's what you do. Or at least what I have done. No one to go shopping with? No problem-I'll go by myself. You get used to it. And it gives you an opportunity to discover who you are. And when your choices aren't influenced by someone else-you feel freedom.

Take this long weekend. I can go anywhere I want. I have booked an expensive Bed & Breakfast. These are my choices because I don't have to check with anyone, or budget in the price, or worry that it's not good for kids, or a husband or whatever. I get to do what I want to do.

Being single may be lonely sometimes, but it has it's advantages too.

And so I am going away......I will stop at yarn shops along the way, and while I'm at my destination, and eat out for dinner, do some sightseeing, and knit. Because to me-that's a great vacation. And did I also mention? Because I can.

Happy Knitting!

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Happy Winter?

Lord I hate winter. I didn't used to. I used to love winter-no sweating like in the summer! I used to love being a little chilly. But you lose a layer of insulation (or 'fat'), and the winter becomes horrible. I'm cold. all. the. time. except in a hot shower, or in bed. And it's making me want to not get out of bed. For anything. At all. But I do-because it's just not right to hibernate.

I went to Lititz tonight, where Aaron's Books had their Knit & Needle night. It was super fun! I wasn't planning on going, simply because I didn't have time. But-I went with wet hair, skipped half my walking, have no lunch food for tomorrow, need to get gas, am in need of a shower, and I'm going out again tomorrow! No-I didn't have time to go out tonight. But the only way to get rid of the winter blues is to get the hell out of the house. And come hell or whatever-I was going to get out tonight. And I did, and it was fun! I'm super glad I went!

Now that Christmas knitting is over, I've been working on the Irish Hiking Scarf (Picture soon!), and the blue hoodie sweater, which is taking forever cause I just want it to be done. Ann's got my yarn for the next sweater, and I promised myself I can't start it until I finish this one!

The new work place is going good. I fit right in with that crowd! :) No-really-it's a great group of people, and the work is interesting enough to make the day fly. And I made an email friend there, so I have someone to talk to. I kind of sit by myself. In order to talk to anyone, someone has to come over to me, or I have to get up and go to where they are. I don't mind, but I always worry about the boss thinking I'm not working. Probably from past experience working at the crappy place a few years ago.

I think I might go for some retail therapy this weekend at the mall to chase away my winter blues. I really need a new pair of walking shoes, and maybe some new clothes would be nice too. I really hate shopping for clothes, but it's starting to get fun again. ;) Nice to get into that smaller size!

So I'm going to head off to bed-I have to make sure I start making up for the lost treadmill time. I fully intend to add on the milage I didn't do today. The only thing that sucks is the treadmill is in the cold basement. Good in the summer-horrible in the winter. But it must be done, so it is what it is.

Happy Knitting.

P.S. Boys fucking suck. I'm just sayin'.

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Oh, the Holidays......

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A hand model I am not, but these are Fetching (from Knitty-sorry, I'm too lazy to link) in Jasper. They were a very quick knit, and my first cable experience. If anything, I would have made them longer, and I added rows as it was. Tight knitter. Bitches.

So the Holidays.......well. So maybe I started a fight on Christmas day, and that was only the beginning! My cousin's got this still-married-to-someone-else fiance. Do not care for him. He's smarmy. For real.

So I mention my concerns to her, cause we're close, and either she told him what I said (which makes her an idiot), or he overheard (which is impossible-clearly she's just an idiot). Either way however he must have reacted upset her to the point of tears, and they left. Now-it is important to restate that *I* wasn't the one that upset her-his reaction is what upset her. Now this only goes to prove my point that he's an asshole. I'm just sayin'.

So then my other cousin, Todd, was making comments all last night about the fiance. And ok-it was funny. They were there briefly, but left because they were have a New Year's Eve/Engagement part at their house. To which none of the family was invited. (Which Todd commented on-again, funny.) Even if we had been invited-they picked the one day that they knew everyone in the family would not be able to attend. There is just something about this guy. We do not like him.

But it's her life and blah blah blah or know mental abuse often turns physical. Just FYI. I put my .02 in, and that's all I can do. I just worry about her.

What else happened? My cousins that have chitlins bailed before midnight. Which left me and Todd as the only cousins there to ring in the New Year. My brother was at home in bed. Clearly he leads the exciting life.

I'm sure I should be going on and on about the New Year, and a new start to some things, and hopes for 2008. But I kind of think resolutions are bullshit. You want to do something? Why wait until the New Year? Do it 'today'. (I know it's New Year's Day-ya'll know what I mean. Honestly.)

I just don't get this whole 'Oh, this the year I'm gonna do this' or 'this is the year I'm gonna quit that'. If ya really wanted to do it-you'd have done it by now. People need to get their heads out of their asses and face reality. I'm just sayin'.

I do believe in goals though. Like planning to learn a new hobby by this time next year, or get something accomplished by this time next year. You could do this type of planning anytime of the year. I'm talking in circles-I know.

My point is that people either want to lose weight, or quit something. (spending money, smoking, drinking, lace work-whatever). I just don't understand why they have to make the new year the starting point. You know what people who make resolutions like that do? The whole week before New Year's they like freak out and binge eat, or chain smoke, or whatever. Then, 3 weeks later, when they fail, it's a much bigger deal because of that all important starting date. And they just forget all about their resolutions until the next year, when the cycle starts all over again.

Whew-let me get off my soapbox here and settle down a little.

Today went really fast, and work tomorrow is probably going to go slow. It's going to be that kind of week. Ah well....

The holidays are over, and overall they were .....interesting. I guess. I ate too much, made an enemy of someone who will likely join the family, and just survived it. We really need to start drinking at these things. Honestly. Maybe my father's family has the right idea. We get there at 11 or 12 on Christmas Eve, and they are already into their cups. Might be the way to go...(Just kidding-ya'll know I rarely drink!)

So Happy New Year!!! I wish you all the best in the year to come. If you make resolutions, I truly wish you good luck, and if you make goals, I hope you accomplish them. Me? I'm gonna look to the future with a smile, live in the present as much as I can, and try to learn from the past.

Happy Knitting!

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

The hat.

The hat.
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This is my brother in the hat I made! I think he may even wear it in public!

Anyway.....I had a great Christmas and I hope you did too. I'm gonna go play with my toys now!

Merry Christmas and Happy Knitting!

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Ice Storm

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This is the tree that fell on my car today. I now have a good size dent in my hood. I think I'll stay in today. There is also a tree on the power lines, but we still have power. It went out during the night, but came back on around 5am.

Mom's going to make cookies, and I'm going to stay in and knit. I only have one sock to go, so it's looking good! I am happy to report that all dishcloths are done!

Yesterday I spent the entire day wrapping-and I only have one thing left, which I have to find a box for.

It's that time of year.......busy busy.

Good times!

Stay safe and Happy Knitting!